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    From time to time we hold special promotions on services and products we offer. This page is updated regularly with current special offers you can take advantage of when you visit us. We are always looking for new ways to serve our clients. This page allows you to see all the great new ways we strive to give you the best values for your beauty dollars. You can even sign our Guest Book if you would like us to notify you when specials are offered.

    Special Offers

    BEST OF 2022 for Facials and Skin Care Treatments

    Thank You for your continuing support of Skincare by Stavroula over the last 17 years. I look forward to continuing to serve you!

    "Stavroula Skincare is among a very small group of companies that have won the Best of Brookline Award for 10 consecutive years."

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    Escape With A Holiday Facial: Collagen Facial

    Gift the gift of relaxation . Make relaxation a priority make yourself a priority . Relax with a soothing facial this Holiday Season. Enjoy a collagen Deluxe facial de-stress from head to toe.

    Brookline and Worcester facial services available now for the holidays!

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    Pomegranate Holiday Facial

    This season, treat your skin to a Pomegranate Holiday Facial. Pomegranate provides the perfect comforting warmth and aroma while leaving skin smooth and brighter. Calming ingredients nourish skin from the harsh effects of winter weather and yogurt moisturizes to soothe dryness. Great for oily acne prone skin. 
    May your holidays be merry!

    1 hour Special: $95

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    Gift Card and Skinscript Products Special!

    All skinscript products include free shipping!

    Gift Card Special

    Buy $100 get $10 Extra

    Buy $200 get $20 Extra

    Buy $500 get $50 Extra

    Extra will be mailed out

    From now until December 10, 2022

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/10/2022

    Holiday Special!


    Chemical Peel Special:

    Receive a take home product with a Chemical Peel Facial of $75 or more!

    Sensi-Peel is great for all skin types especially for those with sensitive skin. This gentle solution not only helps to improve the texture of your skin but brightens and evens out the skin tone as well!

    Brookline and Worcester facial services available now for the holidays!

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    30 Minute Express Facial

    De-stress with a quick 30 minute facial that includes plenty of  pampering and a massage! 

    (Extractions not included as we do not recommend for facials under 1 hour)

    30 minutes for $65

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    Beauty Bundle Product

    Pomegranate cleanser hydrates skin

    Ageless serum hydrates with hyaloronic acid and aloe Peptide eye ream perfect for winter weather dry crepy delicate skin. Free gift  and shipping  included with beauty bundle winter weather skincare. 

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    Lemon Honey Brightening Facial

    Lemon enzyme provides fruit which helps nourish and brightens our skin.This fruit peel contains lactic,and mandelic ,with arbutin ,and kojic perfect for normal and combination skin. Promotes deep hydration with a hydrating honey mask. Great to brighten and hydrate your skin.  Full facial treatment includes deep pore cleaning if needed. Steam, mask, and always massage!

    1 hour $95


    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    Vitamin C Facial Special

    This dynamic treatment incorporates green tea and lactic acid to reduce hyperpigmentation caused by photo damage hormones and acne. This treatment includes thorough cleansing, vigorous exfoliation with lactid acid & green tea, and a vitamin c mask followed by a Gua Sha stone massage! Your skin is infused with protective antioxidants to help promote healthier, brighter, and firmer skin leaving you with a beautiful glow.

    This treatment is perfect for those with rosacea, sensitive, irritated, aging, dry, or oily/acne prone skin.

    And may we recommend our LED Light Therapy Add-on for the perfect combination. 

    60 Minutes Special: $95

    90 Minutes Special: $120 Regular: $135

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    Chemical Peel & Microneedling

    Chemical Seni Peel Special $125 

    *Receive take-home product


    Micro-needling great for smoother,firmer, and more even toned skin with minimal downtime

    Special $179 *reg $200

    Package Special 3 for $499

    Call or Text: 508-726-3828

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    Chemical Peel: PCA No Peel

    This Chemical Sensi-Peel is for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. This solution not only helps improve the texture of your skin but also brightens and evens out skin tone!

    Just because summer is over doesn't mean you can't enjoy a glow with a PCA chemical peel

    *30 Minutes

    *free take home product with service*


    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    Introducing: Nano-Needling

    Nano-needling is safe on all skin types and colors. There is no risk of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation as the melanocytes remain intact. This treatment is highly effective if you're looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines (i.e. around the eyes and lips), improve the tone and texture of your skin, shrink the appearance of your pore size, reduce pigmentation or lift and firm the skin!

    What is the difference between Micro-needling and Nano-needling?
    Nano-needling Therapy is very similar to micro-needling and both treatments address many of the same skincare concerns. Both treatments utilize a needling device that punctures the skin, which helps products fully absorb and encourages rejuvenation. The main difference is the depth that the needles penetrate the skin. Micro-needling penetrates the deep dermis whereas Nano-needling only reaches the upper layer of the epidermis. Micro-needling is preferred if your skincare concerns are deep acne scars, deep wrinkles, stretch marks and hypo-pigmentation. Nano-needling is preferred if you’re concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, swelling or dark areas.


    Includes: Fruit enzyme, hydrating infusion, Led light therapy, Antioxidant mist with vitamins and a relaxing massage. 

    75 Minutes Face and Neck $175
    Series of 3 $450
    Series of 6  $1000

    *Best to wait two weeks apart during a series

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    Micro - Needling

    Micro-needling also known as Collagen induction therapy or micro-channeling. Creates Collagen to rebuild through stainless steal needles penetrating into the epidermis.

    • Generating new collagen and skin tissue for firmer, and more toned skin
    • Also helps reduce the appearance of acne scars, wrinkles, large pores, hyper-pigmentation, loose skin. Can be used on neck and décolletage to reduce appearance of sun damage and aging!


    *60 minutes

    *Special:  $179 for 1 Treatment!

    Regularly $200 for 1 treatment

    $499 for series of Three

    *Pricing includes a facial and neck area! Also receive a take home product valued at $50!*

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    MicroCurrent Facial Package Special

    A Microcurrent facial uses low-voltage electricity to help stimulate the facial muscles painlessly into the skin on your face and neck to help tone, lift, and firm tired muscles. This facial also helps stimulate collagen to your dermis for a more plump and defined look!

    Single Treatment $125

    Package of Six for $600

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    LED Light Therapy


    LED, light emitting diode therapy is used in skin care treatments because of its various wavelengths. LED stimulates cellular responses to increase a smooth, plump and youthful complexion.Unlike other light therapy it does not contain ultraviolet rays. Red light reduces inflammation which provides skin with a stress-free healthy immune response. Blue light is important for good health.

    Great for oily/acne prone skin!


    $50  add-on to any facial treatment

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    POMP and New product announcement 

    Only when you shop through POMP, you will recieve $20 off your facial over $100!

    When you sign up for your free pomp account Stavroula can help you shop specifically for your needs and recommend or add products to your cart and make shopping for your skin care routine easy and care-free! 


    Free shipping also made available through POMP!

    Great selection of products to choose from such as PCA, Jan Marini, Revision SkinCare, Sorella Apothecary, Carter and Jane, iS Clinical, and Antedotum! 

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    Airbrush Tanning By Aviva Labs

    Organic Tanning by Aviva . Green tea & hibiscus, coconut milk & lavander. Acai berry & sage.You don't have to live in a coastal town to get that "fresh from the beach" look. Come and try our state-of-the-art airbrush tanning and bring the beach to you! 


    Series of three $99

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    Lash Tinting Available

    Lash Tint  $35

    Eyebrow Tint  $20

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022


    We have followed our state board guidelines and recommendations for thorough cleaning, sanitation, and disinfecting, however we have taken them a step further to incorporate more sanitary practices for when we open and close our business and between each client. We have added in more time to thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire treatment area or any other locations throughout the spa/salon/etc, before our next guest arrives.


    As a friendly reminder, we ask that you reschedule your appointment if you're feeling under the weather with flu-like symptoms such as a fever or deep cough. We promise to take care of you once you're feeling better. We will also stay home if we are not feeling well.

    Rejuvenate is EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant that kills germs .Our cleaning supplies are all approved by our state board effective killing viruses including COVID-19 as unnatural cleaning supplies

    Infection Prevention Certified

    Skincare by Stavroula is now certified in infection prevention.


    Face Shield

    Face shield is worn during facials for your protection

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022

    Top Disinfection Protocols

    We are offering a UVC cleaning .We disinfect with hospital grade solution and turn on UVC germicidal lamp that disinfects room before next client enters. Half hour cleaning prior to next client appointment to keep rooms disinfected.We also use UVA air purifying system with HEPA filter next to client and aesthetician during services.


    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/31/2022